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The Architectural Group of Offenhauser Company fabricates custom metal products from a wide variety of nonferrous metals and ferrous including aluminum, bronze, nickel silver, stainless steel and carbon steel.

With over 75 years experience in the construction industry, the Architectural Group has fabricated practically every conceivable type of handrail, stair and ornamental accessory for every possible use from super yachts, to high rise office buildings, to museums, to convention centers. Offenhauser Company has worked on projects as small as one bedroom apartments and as large as an 80 story office tower.

The Keyword in the Architectural Group is CRAFTSMANSHIP.

The Architectural Group personnel are trained to perform their jobs in such a manner that projects are completed on time and in accordance with specifications.

Our operating personnel and their duties include:


Our estimators have the experience to accurately price projects so that Offenhauser Company can provide the customer with material at the lowest price.


Schedule shop drawings, production and shipment of material to the job site. Our Project Managers insure that the material shipped to the customer is correct and on time.


Using AutoCAD, Offenhauser's detailers are able to produce clear, accurate shop drawings that help insure that the finished product is fabricated in accordance with the customer's requirements. All shop drawings are checked prior to submitting drawings for approval and fabrication.


Offenhauser's shop personnel have years of experience working in various metals and finishes. Our shop personnel are truly Artisans who can create products to meet the most stringent requirements of our customers.

Although Offenhauser Company is located in Houston, Texas, our customer base is global. We have performed work in Europe, the Middle East, Australia as well as all of the Americas.

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