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Vessel Types

Offenhauser Company, founded in 1933, is a leading fabricator of complex and sophisticated pressure vessels, reactors, columns, towers, tanks and drums for the chemical, petrochemical, refinery, and other process industries.

Material Types

In addition to working with all grades of stainless and carbon steel, we also specialize in fabricating Duplex Alloys, Hastelloy�, nickel, Inconel�, Incoloy�, Monel� and other corrosion / temperature resistant materials including clad material.

Construction Capacities

With over 120,000 square feet, the Offenhauser Company is geared for peak production. We stand ready to produce vessels with diameters up to 14 feet, weights up to 300,000 pounds and overall lengths to 150 feet - while maintaining strict quality control from planning to completion.

Quality Control

Our Quality Control Department provides continual inspection of work in progress - including dimensional checking and nondestructive testing, such as X-Ray, dye penetrant, magnetic particle and positive material identification.

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